FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. – Shelters and rescues in Faulkner County are working overtime as the number of stray and mistreated animals soars to new heights.

This past week, our crews got the chance to follow an animal rescue volunteer, who’s job has quickly expanded as a need grows.

Sara Guy started caring for a group of dogs in Faulkner County 8 months ago.

She says she got a call from the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office about a possible animal mistreatment situation. She says it was supposed to be a simple rescue, but it soon turned until a much bigger problem.

“The problem Is getting them a home or even into a rescue, is they have heart worm,” Guy said.

In order to treat it, Sara said the dogs have to be indoors, but these days fosters are few and far between.

“I mean I can give them their basic needs but other than that, I can’t do much for them. I don’t have a place for them to go,” Guy said.

Sara says it’s a problem she’s seeing past Faulkner County, as rescues close and shelters become overrun.

“I don’t know, you know? You think you have the solution but then you hear everyone else’s opinion,” Guy said.

Sara says the problem starts with spay and neuter laws. Without them, Sara says there are more animals than people can count for.

“It just keeps snowballing,” Guy said.

She says because of this, they often end up in these types of situations.

“We take as many as we can. We move them, we get them vetted, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like were making headway,” Guy stated.

For now, Sara says she’ll front the money to make sure the dogs are fed, hoping a forever home is on the way.

“I worry at night. You know I have my own animals at home, and I can’t imagine them being on the street and wondering when they would eat next,” Guy said.

Since our visit with Sara, the animals have been taken to a rescue. She says there are many other problems like this, and is enlisting everyone’s help to put an end to it.

“Everyone has to play a part in this. Whether it be time, or donations to help feed the dogs, to help vet the dogs, and then each pet owner I think has a responsibility,” Guy said.