Faulkner Co. prepares for predicted & possibly historic flooding

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FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark.– The Faulkner County judge declared an emergency ahead of anticipated flooding. 

Friends and family from all around central Arkansas came to Faulkner County to help the Johnsons stack up sandbags about 3 feet high around their home on Friday.

They said they are praying for the best but preparing for the worst. 

We first met the people helping the Johnsons outside the Faulkner Co. Emergency Management Office while officials from the county and the city of Conway met inside to make a team plan.

Morgan Colvert brought his truck from Lonoke County to help his friend’s parents get sandbags. 

He described the flooding predictions as, “Man it’s not good. It’s really not good.”

Colvert then hauled the load and joins the group back at the Johnsons home on James Road. 

Linda Johnson said, “Pretty anxious, but we’re very blessed to have this crew here and very, very thankful for them.”

We talked with Faulkner County’s spokesperson David Hogue after the judge declared the emergency. 

“Most people alive right now have never seen the level of flood that we’re expecting right now,” Hogue said. 

We learned from both Conway and the county that the Don Owens sports center in Conway plans to open as a shelter once the water moves in. 

Hogue said, “There is definitely an evacuation recommendation from the sheriff and the county judge of if you were flooded in 1990 or 2016 start preparing start getting out.”

Conway provided us a photo of what they say shows the worst case scenario is the predictions come true and a levy broke too.

“District manager of the levee district is checking all the levies and will have a man patrolling (them),” Hogue told us. 

He said the district court’s letting people earn double hours towards their community service sentence if they fill sandbags that people like the Johnson family needs. 

Linda Johnson said, “God’s got us. He always has. He’s taken care of us this far. He’s going to give us the knowledge of what to do other than this (sandbags).”

People can fill their own sandbags at the following locations:

Faulkner Co. OEM, 57 Acklin Gap Road

Mayflower Fire Department, Easterwood Point Road

Beavorfork Volunteer Fire Department, 4 Beaverfork Road

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