Family: Triple Homicide Victim Leaves Behind 1-Year-Old

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LITTLE ROCK, The mother of one of Little Rock’s triple murder victims spoke out for the first time on Friday. 

1 week ago 19-year-old Carrington Williams, her boyfriend Kenelle Anderson and his cousin LaTija Luckey were killed last Friday night near 14th and Peyton. 

This case remains unsolved with a $50,000 dollar reward for clues.

We learned Carrington Williams was a mother of a little boy who recently turned 1.

Her mother shared with us a recent photo of the 2.

Carrington’s family said she was just what her name suggests – very caring. 

Our reporter Price McKeon talked exclusively with Williams’ mother Sheila Paskel. 

She said, “Whatever she did you couldn’t get mad at her. You know, she was that type.”

Williams’ mother should be preparing for her daughter’s 20th birthday next month. 

“We had that bond. We had that bond. She would joke around and write stuff about me and we’d laugh. She’d tell me anything  and everything,” she said.

Instead Sheila Paskel’s preparing to bury her 19-year-old. 

Paskel told us “She would come in this room and we’d look at her and you couldn’t do nothing [sic] but laugh because she was going to do something so funny.”

The bubbly, caring, and radiant teen was one of 11 siblings.  

“I know I have 11  children but losing one I feel like I have lost myself. You know? It hurts,” she said.

In a close knit family her mother said the two had a special bond. 

Her mother said, “She’s not shy. I am. She grabbed me and carried me pretty much you know by the hand and led me.”

Williams was shot and killed along with her boyfriend and his cousin one week ago near 14th and Peyton in Little Rock. Another shooting victim survived. 

“I don’t understand. We’re talking about Carrington. How could you hurt her?,” the mother said. 

Their killer remains on the run. 

Her older sister Chelsea Proctor talked with us. 

She said, “Her personality was bubbly. She had like a bubbly spirit. You know she could light up a room when she walked in the door.” 

Her other sister also described her sister. 

Cassius Williams said, “When we were little they used to call her care bear.”

She said “If you know something (or) if you did it I mean turn yourself in. I mean she didn’t deserve this. She did not. I don’t wish this on my  worst enemy.”

Paskel’s now without her daughter and a 1-year-old’s now without a mother. 

Carrington’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday, November 24, 2018.

The families of the victim continue to say someone somewhere knows something about this triple homicide.

If you have any information contact LRPD at 501-371-4660.

You can stay anonymous. There is a $50,000 reward offered for help to solve this case. 

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