Family speaks out after ASP arrest in Little Rock

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A family is speaking out about an arrest early Wednesday morning in Little Rock. The family says an Arkansas State Trooper got aggressive with the suspect, who was pulled over for speeding and later arrested for resisting arrest and DWI. The entire incident was caught on Facebook Live. 

Over Facetime, Brian Holmes the man in the video, and his sister Tashiba share their thoughts on what happened. 

“The way that played out with my brother, I’m not liking that at all because it could have been way worse,” Tashiba said. 

This family believes the Arkansas State Trooper conducting the traffic stop was being overly forceful.  

“When he was telling me to turn around and put my hands on the car, him being loud, I wanted to ask ‘what did I do?’ I didn’t have drugs. I don’t do drugs. I did have a drink. I didn’t have open containers in the car,” Brian said. 

In the video, you can see Holmes is taken to the ground before being arrested. 
“You can clearly see I have my hands out and I’m telling him I’m not resisting,” he said. 

Brian believes he was put in a chokehold maneuver, however, Arkansas State Police says that wasn’t a chokehold but a way to apprehend a suspect in a safe manner. 

“There wasn’t a reason for him to handle me the way that he did. Especially with me not being volatile or hostile with him,” Brian said. 

Holmes was eventually taken into custody. According to arrest records, he is facing a DWI charge and a resisting arrest charge. 

The family does plan to file an official complaint with the Arkansas State Police. 

In a statement from Arkansas State Police, the state trooper who made the traffic stop and arrest has not completed his arrest reports by news time. Nor said anything to his supervisors to suggest the suspect was injured or victimized during the course of the arrest. The spokesperson goes on to say “I want to assure you and your viewers that if the reports from the trooper substantiate the use of force, or if there is a complaint filed by the suspect or his legal designee, the incident will be thoroughly reviewed.”

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