Little Rock, Ark – It has been more than a year and half since 15-year-old Daylon Burnett was shot inside a Watson Chapel Junior High School and later died. With Burnett’s birthday approaching his family  is sharing his memory. 

Lakeisha Lee is the mother of Burnett and says he would be turning 17 years old on December 7th. 

“He was the life of our family, his smile lit up any room he walked into,” Lee said. 

Lee says Burnett was very active in school. 

“He was in Junior ROTC, football, and he played basketball,” Lee said. 

Lee says she couldn’t believe it when her son called her and told her Burnett had been shot inside the school’s highway on March 1, 2021 inside he died at the hospital days later. 

“I really thought it was a prank until my second eldest son was crying on the phone,” Lee said. 

Lee says the family is still grieving the loss of Burnett as they wait for the trial against Thomas Quarles, the then 15-year-old accused of shooting Burnett. 

“I just feel like one day he will be able to get out and go on with his life and my son will never be able to have kids or be there for his nieces and nephews, I just hate that,” Burnett said.  

She says the trial process has been rough on the family as it has been rescheduled three times. 

Quarles is facing a capital murder charge, his new trial date has been scheduled for June 1st, 2023.

“With so much going on with covid the cases were being put off every time they set a trial date, they called me and say they asked for a continuous another trial date is being set,” Burnett said.  

Lee says she holds onto the little memories of her son. 

“He would get up and go in the kitchen and make breakfast rather than cereal or microwave pancakes and make sure his sisters and brothers ate something,” Lee said. 

Lee says if Burnett was still alive, he would continue his calling. 

“He wanted to play football for the army,” Lee said. 

Lee hopes no family feels this type of agony. 

“Love on your kids, love on your loved ones because one day God is going to come back for them,” said Lee. 

Lee says they will be having a balloon release for Burnett’s birthday.