LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Father of four, Ernesto Olmos was shot and killed in Little Rock at a Murphy’s gas station on Baseline Road Sunday Morning. His family is making an emotional plea to find whoever’s responsible for taking his life. 

Police responded to the shooting at the Murphy Express gas station in the 8800 block of Baseline Road around 11:45 a.m.

We spoke to police who say since asking for the public’s help after releasing photos of a car of interest concerning the deadly shooting yesterday, they have had no new updates. 

His family says is urging people to know he is not just another number but a loving husband and a caring father.

Tiffany Olmos is Olmos’s wife, she says her life is forever changed following the shooting. Since then she had had to tell their oldest of 4 children the heartbreaking news. 

“He was a family man, outgoing, and caring.” Mrs. Olmos goes on to say when sharing the information with her daughter, “she was just silent and said it was hard for her to breathe.” 

Olmos’s sister in law Adren Diaz believes the violence needs to end in the city of Little Rock. 

“It has to stop, someone has to put a stop to it. I know that’s hard but put up cameras, more patrols, police need to patrol the area they know Little Rock is a bad area,” said Diaz. 

Both women say they are leaning on each other and their faith but they hope Olmos’s justice comes soon. 

“If they see anything, they can even leave an anonymous tip [to LRPD],” said Diaz. 

Olmos’s wife says the only way she can find peace is if the person responsible is in jail. 

Police haven’t said what led up to the shooting or if any arrests have been made.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police are asking anyone who knows any information to contact detectives at 501-404-3009 or 501-371-4660.