Family Pet Snatched by Coyote in Lonoke Co.


WARD, Ark. – When school’s out you’ll find Sara Slayton’s family hanging out in the front yard. 

But she’s keeping everyone on a tight leash. 

“It’s terrifying, it was right there in front of our house.”

She’s afraid the coyote seen in this security video snatching her cat Mirror could come back. 

“It’s very hard to watch, I’ve had her for almost 10 years.”

The Persian mix always stayed inside, but slipped out of their Ward house two weeks ago. 

“It was heartbreaking,” says Slayton. 

It wasn’t until Slayton started checking footage from the security camera on her driveway. 

“You can see it come behind the vehicles,”

That she discovered the gruesome attack. 

“and you never see it come back by with her.”

Several neighbors are concerned coyotes might also be behind their pets disappearing, so soon traps will show up with the city saying it’s going to try to catch these coyotes.

“We don’t want those kinds of situations in the city.”

Mayor Art Brooke plans on putting out live traps, a step towards preventing another attack. 

“Keep an eye on your animals, take the food that you leave out and put it up,” Mayor Brooke says. 

It’s advice Slayton doesn’t need to hear twice. 

Keeping her family close…

“Are they going to start coming out at day with the kids playing outside,” she says. 

Knowing this coyote isn’t afraid to get close to her home. 

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