Family facing eviction during the pandemic

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MAUMELLE, Ark.- A family in Maumelle is doing everything in their power to stay afloat as both parents recently lost their jobs and are now facing eviction.

“I’m doing everything I can to make sure I have a home,” said Mellissa Marcotte, Facing eviction.

In the face of a pandemic, a Maumelle family is close to losing it all.

“If we get evicted there’s pretty much no where to turn to,” said Marcotte.

Mellissa Marcotte said she has two weeks to pay 1600 dollars or they will be evicted.

Marcotte said both her and her fiance lost their jobs and now they are just doing everything possible to keep a roof over their six-month-olds head.

“We’ve been from job interview to job interview and we haven’t heard back from anyone,” said Marcotte.

Even if the pair got jobs today, their first check wouldn’t make it into their account before the eviction date.

So they tried to post on a Facebook page for jobs.

“Willing to go pick up someone’s trash or go do something for someone just so we could earn enough money,” said Marcotte.

Shortly after posting on the page, the post was deleted for not meeting community standards.

With seemingly no end in sight, the family started packing up their belongings for the pending eviction.

Including her wedding dress, which she was supposed to be wearing on Saturday.

“We had it all planned out, we had everything ready and now we just don’t have the finances to do it,” said Marcotte.

Marcotte said they’ve even looked into more extreme options of having their mom look after the baby while figuring out the rest.

“I grew up in the foster system and I really wanted better for my daughter and I feel like I’m not being the best mom I could be,” said Marcotte.

Despite everything, they are keeping their heads held high.

“At this point I have not lost hope,” said Marcotte.

The family said they did apply for unemployment but never ended up getting any of the money due to a mix up with their address.

To learn more about the family, click here.

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