LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – At least three victims inside the Power Ultra Lounge shooting are members of a family police have connected as part of the ongoing violence seen in the Capital City. 
As it turns out, the family is also connected to a major household name…not just here in Central Arkansas but across the country.
Newly-obtained video shows former Razorback and current Dallas Cowboys runningback Darren McFadden rushing to the scene in the immediate aftermath of the nightclub shooting. 
In a tweet Monday night, McFadden said that “I received a call from my nephew that there was a shooting at the club where he and some of my relatives were. He told me he got shot, many other people were shot and that some of my relatives were among those shot. Out of concern for all of the people affected by this horrible tragedy, I went down to the scene to check on my relatives and to offer any help I could.” 
McFadden’s mother Mini Muhammad confirmed earlier Monday that three of their relatives were shot as gunfire rang out inside Power Ultra Lounge early Saturday morning. That includes 16 year old Marquette Muhammad, the youngest victim in the mass shooting. All three, as well as all 25 people shot inside the club, survived their injuries. 
When we dug a bit deeper, we discovered this is a family all too familiar with violence. Sources have identified the Muhammad family as one often connected to recent violence in Little Rock. 
We’re told it dates back to September 2016, when two of McFadden’s relatives — both teenagers — were shot a block away from Central High School. One of those teens was paralyzed in the attack. Since then, we’ve found at least seven other occasions where members of this family or their homes were victims of gunfire. McFadden’s mother Mini’s home has been caught in the crossfire at least three of those times. 
The dates of shootings with connections to the Muhammad family are as follows:
– Sept. 30, 2016 (two teenagers shot near Central High)
– Oct. 6, 2016 
– Oct. 6, 2016 
– Oct. 7, 2016 
– Nov. 10, 2016 
– Apr. 16, 2017 
– Apr. 23, 2017 
– Apr. 27, 2017 
When we spoke to Mini, the matriarch of the Muhammad family, she said she just wants to see the violence come to an end.