LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Family members who have students at Central High School say they’re concerned after a disassembled gun was found on campus.

In a copy of an email sent to parents Tuesday, Central High School Principal Nancy L. Rousseau tells parents the disassembled gun was confiscated from a student during a random safety search.

The school notified parents that the student did not threaten anyone.

This email is the fifth one sent out in the last month. Aside from one about a student fight, the others either mentioned a gun or other prohibited items brought to campus.

Nicholette Lyons’ little brother attends Central High School and, in the last few weeks, she says she has felt particularly uneasy about sending him to school.

“I barely can sleep at night,” Lyons said.

Lyons says her brother has felt unsafe at school. So much so, he stayed home Wednesday.

“He said, ‘There’s too much going on there. I don’t feel safe there.’ So what am I supposed to do? Put him in harm’s way? I don’t know what’s going to happen to him,” Lyons said.

The Little Rock School District was unable to comment but have said they have plans to implement metal detectors at the middle and high school campuses.

In the meantime, a district spokesperson says they are working on other solutions to increase safety at Central High School and in the district.

Lyons says more needs to be done now, before someone gets hurt.

“I’m afraid for him and I am afraid for other kids,” Lyons said.