Family believes dog poisoned in their Saline Co. yard

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BENTON, Ark. — A Benton family is pleading for answers after they believe someone poisoned their dog.

When Kandace Moore came home from work Saturday, she says her 10-year-old rescue dog Duke was barely alive.

“He was my baby and he’s gone,” Moore said. “Killing someone’s dog is one of the worst things you can do, because that is not just a dog, that is my baby.”

According to Moore, the day before Duke died they found a food wrapper in their fenced in backyard that didn’t come from anyone in her family, but at the time thought it was trash.

“A wrapper of one of the hot sausage dogs that was chewed at the ends,” she explained.

She says her pitbull mix’s health took such a rapid turn, there was nothing her family could do to save him.

“He was oozing blood out of every orifice he had,” Moore said. “By the time I got home, 5 minutes later he was dead.”

Moore says she called both Benton Police and Animal Control.

While Animal Control Officers will investigate poisoning complaints, those cases are difficult to solve. The only way to know what killed the dog is a necropsy, which can run over $1000 and the owners have to pay for.

Since Duke’s death, Moore says she has heard from other neighbors in the River Street area who believe their dogs were also poisoned.

Moore says she’s not going to give up trying to find out what happened in her backyard.

“You wouldn’t wish this on the worst person that you didn’t like at all,” she added. “Why would you take someone’s family member?”

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