STUTTGART, Ark. – On Monday, family and friends gathered to say their final goodbyes to Stuttgart Sergeant Donald Scoby at his funeral after he was killed in the line of duty last week.

Sgt. Scoby’s funeral was held in the afternoon at the Grand Prairie Center in Stuttgart. His funeral procession was led by his blue hearse as his casket was draped with the American Flag. Dewitt Chief of Police, Steven Bobo says it felt surreal to be at the funeral of his friend. 

“I never thought it would be like this and I thought he would retire like the rest of us,” said Bobo. 

Officials with the Arkansas State Police confirmed Thursday morning that an overnight car chase led to the deadly shooting of Stuttgart police officer Sergeant Scoby.

According to the ASP, two Stuttgart officers were involved in a chase around 11 p.m. Wednesday. Troopers stated that the suspect, 31-year-old Jacob Cole Barnes, stopped the car near Rieger Road and fled.

As the officers ran after Barnes, ASP officials believe that he shot and killed Scoby. The other officer was hit in his bulletproof vest but wasn’t injured, officials said. Bobo says his department also responded to the call for service. 

“We responded also to the scene and the authorities are shocked when you have something like this and it’s never happened here [Stuttgart],” Bobo said. 

Bobo remembers meeting Scoby in 2003, building memories with him when they worked together in the fire department then working together again as police officers for different towns. 

“We’ve talked to each other and worked with each other,” Bobo continued. 

Bobo says one thing he will miss most about Scoby is his personality. 

“He was just always happy just all the time. I mean he was always around joking with someone, giving them the shirt off his back,” said Bobo. 

He says he hopes everyone including law enforcement can be like Scoby when it comes to how they treat people. 

“He talked with people, and he didn’t look down on anybody and he always held people in high regard,” said Bobo. 

Family friend Maggie Gill says hearing the news of Scoby’s death made her think of his daughter.

“I graduated with Sarah Scoby, and we were really close for a big chunk of my childhood,” said Gill. 

She says how she wanted to attend the funeral as a shoulder to lean on. 

“I can’t imagine what the pain is like. My heart has just been hurting for them this past week,” said Gill. 

As for Bobo, he says “to his [Scoby’s] family anything you need we will be there.

On Friday, December 16,  officers from across the state led Scoby’s procession through the downtown area for his final trip to Stuttgart after he had an autopsy done in Little Rock. 

Scoby’s impact of service was seen from officers across Arkansas like Grant County, Newport and Springdale showing their support, including officers from Louisiana coming to the funeral. 

“He is going to be missed by a whole list of people,” said Bobo. 

The funeral also had a three-volley salute in honor of Scoby. 

“It’s a brother that’s passed away and that we will all miss,” said Bobo. 

State troopers stated that Barnes entered a home in the 500 block of Rieger Road after the chase. Officials stated that a woman barricaded herself inside the home but was safely removed by special agents shortly before 7 a.m. on Thursday, December 15th. 

Moments after Barnes entered the home, ASP officials stated that Barnes shot and injured a state police SWAT team member. The state trooper was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Special agents stated that Barnes was killed during an exchange of gunfire with SWAT team members.