Families preparing to stand on the picket line during the strike

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Less than 10 hours from now, parents, teachers and students will be on strike alongside the Little Rock Teachers Association.

The group is demanding the school district go back to full local control with a locally elected school board.

Reporter, Haylee Brooks spoke with several families, and not one of them plans on sending their kids to school on Thursday.

All families we spoke to during school pick up say they will be standing right next to the teachers.

“I would like to say you do all this for us so we want to do this for you,” said Posey Alexander, 4th grader.

From playing on the playground one day to hitting the picket line the next, fourth-grader Posey Alexander seems to know exactly where she stands.

Posey will be standing next to her mom and teachers during the strike, who want full local control.

“If this doesn’t work, I’m going to be sad and if it does work I’m going to be happy so I really want this to work,” said Posey.

Posey’s mother, Angela Alexander says it’s extremely important for both her kids to stand on the picket line.

“I want them to witness this, I want them to understand a little bit better that its really important for us to all fight together and stand together for one unified district,” said Angela Alexander, Posey’s Mother.

Another family who won’t dare cross the picket line is the Bolden’s.

“It is important to support our teachers and our kids in this important process and that we stand on the precepts of a historic moment,” said Jason Bolden, Parent.

Jason says he thinks this strike will end up in the history books one day and he wants his kids to be apart of that.

Jason’s son Alex, is in third grade and says he wants a better future for his teachers.

“Becuase I think that if we stand on the picket line then maybe our teachers will have it better then they have been having it,” said Alex Bolden, Third Grader.

“I anticipate thousands of parents will be standing with the teachers,” said Jason.

The state board of education meeting will be held on Thursday at 10 am.

On the agenda, the board will discuss the plan for returning local control.

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