NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – American flags and tombstones, are normally a combination that brings memories of those closest to us that died defending our country.

“The pain never goes away,” Marine Corps and secretary of agriculture Wes Ward said. “But despite the pain, we remember the impact of their lives, their service and their sacrifice.”

The ultimate sacrifice shares one thing in common.

“A belief in freedom. A belief in America,” Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said. “A belief in your fellow man and neighbors and say I’m willing to sacrifice and to do my responsibility.”

“Their sacrifice makes me want to do better, to be better and do more,” Ward added. “I promise you that every family that has lost a service member has a huge hole in their life.”

A hole that brings them to events to help honor our fallen heroes.

“Emotional,” Air Force veteran Antoine Gordon said. “But it was very gratifying to see the great turnout of people from this great state to support our military and the ghosts that were left behind. It was very special.”

Barbara Johnson is an Army veteran who came to honor her father who served.

“The grief of the ghosts our families go through as well as the relief that I saw on some of the faces when they realized that they are not alone in this,” Johnson said. “That there are people that still care.”