Exclusive: Man Who Destroyed Ten Commandments Monument Has No Regrets

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Less than a week after being released from the state hospital, Michael Tate Reed II sits on a couch beneath a homemade sign that reads: Freedom.

It’s the same word he screamed as he drove a car into the Ten Commandments monument at the Arkansas state capitol in June 2017.

“I had to get people’s attention for what’s going on in the world,” Reed says during an exclusive interview with KARK.

Reed says God called him to destroy the monument after he saw news about the new statue on TV.

“I felt a huge pressure come over me, and I heard it inside: ‘Destroy it tonight,'” Reed says.

“That’s all I could think about. It was a tunnel vision.”

Reed doesn’t regret his decision. He did the same thing in Oklahoma in 2014.

Last November, an Arkansas judge ruled him unfit to stand trial and ultimately not guilty due to mental disease.

He returned home to Alma after getting released from the state hospital last Friday.

“It’s my choice what I do with my life,” Reed says.

“If some people don’t agree with that that’s fine.”

Reed revealed a vast knowledge of the Bible. He says he’s a Christian who supports the Ten Commandments but not when they’re replicated on state capitol grounds.

“I am totally against big government,” Reed says.

“Totally against it.”

After months of mental testing, a judge noted signs of improvement granting Reed’s release who now spends his days at home under various stipulations.

Some of his stipulations upon being released from the state hospital include: no drugs or alcohol, he cannot leave the state without permission and, he must attend therapy three times a week.

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