EXCLUSIVE: Family rallying together after three members killed in Thanksgiving car crash

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BRYANT, Ark. — An Arkansas family headed home after Thanksgiving dinner, but didn’t make it there.

“Something like this happens and you realize you just don’t understand it and it’s bad.”

Their car was hit in the back by a semi, killing the mother and two kids. Tonight their grieving family is rallying together.

“Love the people around you, just grab them for her, just a little bit closer because that’s what she would want.”

The crash happened in Bryant, a family of five was in the car.

The mother Katrina Dunnick was killed, along with her son and daughter. Two other children survived the crash.

Our Haylee Brooks sat down with all of Katrina’s sisters and tell her that Katrina was the life of the party, always sharing embarrassing stories and the type of person who would take in anyone who needed a place to stay.

“She was free, she was wild, she was passionate,” says Susie Reynolds Reece, one of Katrina’s sisters.

Katrina Dunnick moon walking across a street in downtown Little Rock is exactly how her family will remember her.

Now Katrina’s sisters are crying and reminiscing around a table, sharing her story with one strong voice.

“If you walked in the door she screamed, she didn’t care if you were in Walmart, at a fancy dinner she did not care. She would yell across the room and let everyone know that you have arrived.”

Her youngest sister Susie says making you feel special is a talent Katrina had, and one she used often.

“Enjoying just every moment and the people that are around you and just loving people. She didn’t care she loved everybody.”

Katrina had six kids kids, but her sisters tell me she always had “extra” who she took in.

Sharing that type of love is a lesson all her sisters carry today.

“Love the people around you, just grab them for her just a little bit closer because that’s what she would want.”

The crash on Thanksgiving took away their sister, niece and nephew.

“Something like this happens and you realize that you just don’t understand it.”

There are several GoFundMe’s for the family online, but two specifically being run by the family.



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