Education Matters: Teachers reward students for being kind to others

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Kindness, courage, resilience. These are some actions students are displaying on campus and their teachers are doing something outside the box to recognize them for it.

“Look those are very good answers. I love those.”

“Integrity is a big deal. It’s about doing things when teachers and adults aren’t around,” said Carson Munday a freshman.

When they do the right thing, they’ll earn a specific button for it. Carson Munday, has earned three so far: Grit – kindness and optimistic.

“It definitely motivates me to make better decisions and I think it motivates other people to make better decisions as well,” said Carson.

It’s those good decisions teachers are promoting through “Flair for Learning” a new program implemented this fall semester at Cabot Freshman Academy.

When teachers see a student go above and beyond they award them with a unique button.

“For those who are striving to earn and win the prizes, they have changed maybe their work ethic or you know their kindness,” said Barbie Walker the Oral Communications teacher.

Many of them proudly sport them on their backpacks. Bailee Beaver displays quite the collection.

“The grit one is for hard working people and for people who do more than what they usually do, and then the smiley face one is someone who always has a smile on their face,” said Bailee.

Sometimes kids work for them other times it all comes naturally.

“I would sometimes go especially during lunch and talk to someone who’s either sitting alone or seems lonely and I’d try to have a conversation with them,” said Bailee.

Teachers say this is what Flair for Learning is all about. It’s building character and creating comradely.

“It’s a great way to teach kids, you know what your actions are very much rewarded and it’s those tiny acts of kindness that will help us all get through the day,” said Jane Balgavy the Communications teacher.

While these buttons are small, they have a big impact.

“It’s changed our student body in trying to be kind, helpful and more supportive of each other,” said Bailee.

Right bow hundreds of buttons are proudly being worn on campus.

Students who have the most buttons are awarded with a Sonic drink, candy or a free tardy.

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