Early voting in Arkansas, more first-time voters casting votes

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Early voting in Arkansas is now in its second week and if you’ve seen any of the lines across Arkansas they are as diverse as the state itself.

One demographic you might see more of is younger and first-time voters.

Young voters are one of the most talked-about demographics this election cycle, and for good reason, they have been out in droves casting their ballots early on.

Arkansas has already cast over half a million ballots this election. Many of them younger and first-time voters

Noel Lions is a first-timer and he believes the younger generation is looking more at the substance of what is on the ballot instead of just for retweets and likes.

“We just see it as a hashtag, go vote, take a picture we see other people doing it but now we just want to get involved with it go out actually see what it is to see everybody on the ballot, all issues and everything, people that, you know, issues that you concerned with,” Lions

He says he was part of a voter registration drive on the Philander Smith College Campus and he says young voters are paying attention.

“We seen more interactions, so we know that more people are taking it seriously and we can see by the numbers,”

Isaiah May Junior knows that paying attention to races big and small is key.

“President voting is cool but we need to know more about the people that are close to us is really gonna make a change,” May

He thinks that many young voters in the past have skipped out because they weren’t sure of the complexity of issues and traditionally the older generation has discounted their opinions.

“I see a lot of discussion between younger folks but I feel like a lot of older people don’t take the younger folks serious just because I feel like we don’t know much,” May

Both men feel change is happening to start with this election because many younger voters feel empowered to make a change.

“I think more people need to get out and vote and actually look at things to see what it is going on cuz if we just sit there and do nothing then everything will stay the same,”

“Older voters that I’ve talked to are also encouraged by the young turnout so far so they are glad that young people are finally taking major issues seriously,”

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