LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are playing in Super Bowl 57. Both organizations are two of the best fan bases in football.

Chiefs and Eagles fans are some of the most ferocious and passionate fans you’ll ever come across and with the Vince Lombardi trophy on the line, it’s serious business.  

Allen Myers and Chandler Hickman are co-founders of the Central Arkansas Chiefs fan group. 

Myers and Hickman said they started their Chiefs fan group in 2017 and now they have 350 members all out of central Arkansas.

Hickman found love for the Chiefs as a child. He said from his first time laying him eyes on Arrowhead Stadium he was a fan.

Myers became a fan over 30 years ago after moving to Kansas City from McGehee, Arkansas for work. 

Making it to the Super Bowl is no easy task. So, Hickman and Myers both respect the Eagles, but that’s it.

“I have one good friend named Steve who is a big Eagles fan. He mentioned something about us watching the game together and I told him that I still wanted to be friends,” Myers said. 

Myers’ home is decked out with Chiefs gear from the garage to the bathroom.  

“I came over and was overwhelmed. I was like wow. It’s almost like being an Arrowhead,” Hickman said as he describes his reaction the first time being at Myers’ house. 

But about 40 minutes away there is a man name Randall Reese who is a die-hard Eagles fan. 

“Fly eagles fly! Kakaaaaa,” he screams!

Reese was a child as well when he became an Eagles fan after he got to see Randall Cunningham play.

Reese has a ‘once an Eagle always an Eagle’ approach. He said he has mixed emotions playing the Chief because of their head coach, Andy Reid. Reid coached Philadelphia and took the Eagles to their 2nd super bowl back in 2004.

“The Chiefs has kind of been like a secondary team that I would root for because of him,”

But come Super Bowl Sunday, he is throwing all that out that out the window. 

The Eagles are looking for their 2nd championship in history after winning in 2017. The Chiefs won in 2019 following an almost 50-year drought. They’re hoping for number 3 and will be on edge. 

“I get sick to my stomach and don’t eat on the day of the game,” Myers said. 

Here are their picks.

Myers – 27 – 21 Chiefs

Hickman – 30 – 24 Chiefs

Reese – 34 – 21 Eagles.