Dumas residents react as high waters continue to rise

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DUMAS, Ark. — Governor Asa Hutchinson declared a state of emergency in response to Southeast Arkansas Flooding, with some people still dealing with high waters in Desha County. 

A neighborhood along Melrose Avenue, near Dumas High School still has knee-deep water along the roads. 

“This water has been like this ever since Monday,” Dumas resident,  Melvin Smith, resident said.  “And on down further is a whole bunch of apartments with kids and all that,”

Smith said he hasn’t been home since Monday, and the only way down the roads is by boat. 

Some people are taking the chance and still driving through it.

“I can’t go home because of the water but I got a friend, he’ll take me down there if I just want to go home, look around, and come back,” Smith said.

He said most of the people in his apartment complex haven’t left and are trying to clean up the damage. 

Smith said he messed up his car driving through high water to help people get back and forth to their apartments. 

About 2 miles away from that area, people on Pistachio Drive are relieved to see the floodwaters recede.

“Every time vehicles pass through, the waves just came and pushed up against the door and stuff,” a woman who had water in her home, Samantha Procell said.  “Water came in but it wasn’t terrible.”

Her home was one of at least 60 homes that have flood damage in the area.

“Of course the road has flooded before but it had never come up to our homes before,” Procell said.

Meanwhile Governor Asa Hutchinson is expected to visit Dumas Friday to assess the damage and speak with the community.

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