EL DORADO, Ark. — Thanks to a recent DNA hit through genealogy, investigators have been able to connect their El Dorado Jane Doe to family members in Alabama and Virgina. Important pieces to finally find out who she is.

Captain Catherine Phillips has flipped through the case binder more times than she can count. “I just don’t see how you can just disappear you know, and nobody know who you are.”

Jane Doe went by the name Cheryl Ann Wick while living in El Dorado. She was believed to have been an exotic dancer.

It wasn’t until she was found shot to death and detectives went to inform Cheryl’s family that they realized it was an alias.

“She was arrested here for hot checks under a fake name, she went to the hospital and got medical treatment under a fake name,” adds Captain Phillips. 

Her killer, James McAlphin served 15 years in prison for her death, but for nearly 30 years the identity behind this woman has remained a mystery.

“We had fingerprints, photographs and DNA, and I’m like, ‘Why could we not identify this girl?'”

But a few weeks ago, there was a break in the case when someone suggested sending Jane Doe’s DNA to a genealogist.

A match was made.

“I printed out the genealogy chart and it’s twelve feet long.”

Captain Phillips contacted potential family members on Facebook.

“They thought it was bogus at first naturally.”

But now they’re learning about long lost relatives.

“There are a lot of secrets in this closet that have already came out from this DNA.”

While the biggest question remains, who is Jane Doe? Captain Phillips believes they’re closer than ever to finding out.

“We just want to give this family some closure.”

“While they’re making headway with these new found family members, Captain Phillips believes there are still people here locally who may have information that could help them. 

If you have any information that may help wrap up this cold case, you’re urged to call El Dorado Police.