Digital Original: Teens build wheelchair ramp for 90-year-old woman as a way of giving back

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Helping thy neighbor. It’s the message one group of teens is trying to spread through their hard work this summer. 

The group of teens are with the Ozark Mission Project (OMP) that sends youth groups all around Arkansas doing fellowship projects as a way to give back to their community. 

Today they helped a little rock woman by building a wheelchair ramp for her home – something she never thought she would live to see. 

“I feel blessed,” says 90-year-old Ms. Estella Merriweather. 

Alexis Faupel, a college staff member for the summer camp says the teens are gaining much more than life skills. 

“They’re gaining something that they can’t get anywhere else in my opinion,” explains Faupel. “Their gaining service. What it really means to serve in your local community and what it means to really just care about somebody to be able to come build a wheelchair ramp in the dead of heat.” 

Temperatures got as high as 89 degrees, but the teens still worked through even singing songs to help pass time. 

“We have fun – that’s important,” says Faupel. “The skills the teens are getting here they will take with them for life.”  

OMP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mission of the Arkansas Area United Methodist Church, organized for ministry to people in need.

Faupel says she has been doing this for three summers in a row and feels God has called her to do this. 

“Honestly I don’t know where else I would be, says Faupel. “This is something I am super passionate about. This is something I love to do.” 

The organization host 13 camps each summer, serving communities all across Arkansas. 

“People should just care more one because it’s the right thing to do but its also what God has called us to do,” explains Faupel. “He has called us to love one another and love thy neighbor as yourself.” 

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