LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A unique summer program for the severely visually impaired or blind is teaching local teens life skills and self-worth. 

The best part– it is even helping them land jobs. 

Curtis Chase,  director of operations at IFB Solutions, formerly Arkansas Lighthouse for the Blind, says he hopes to give these kids a chance at a normal life. 

“What I hope they can learn from it is just because you can not see does not mean you are not a viable employee,” says Chase. 

The program is called JumpStart and has the teenagers spend three weeks working with their peers at IFB Solutions. 

Corey Moore, is a senior at Arkansas School for the Blind but decided to take this summer program to get more job experiences. 

“They give me hope,” says Corey. “That I can do a job and feel proud about it – not many people want to take a chance on me.” 

Corey will learn several different trades during his three weeks with Jump Start. One of the tasks will be making uniforms for current service men and women. He says he enjoys knowing that the work he is doing is helping to benefit them. 

“I like knowing that in some way I am helping to serve my country,” says Moore.