Digital Original: Cancer survivor helps plant 500 flower garden for cancer patients

Local News

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A new Monarch butterfly garden has opened at the heart of the CARTI Cancer Center in Little Rock. 

On Tuesday,  the Master Gardeners took part in the unveiling helping to showcase the nearly 500 brightly-colored flower beds. 

It’s called the Blooming Garden, and the new floral space serves as a calm and relaxing retreat for cancer patients.

“I think it gives them an opportunity to see beautiful plants that are blooming and flourishing,” says Sharon Greathouse, a CARTI patient and one of the skilled gardeners who helped created the new space. 

Greathouse, 70 years young, is a 14 year colon cancer survivor.  She hopes people use the space as a retreat to re-energize their body, mind and soul. 

“It’s warm – it’s inviting,” Greathouse explains. “It makes you feel good.” 

Greathouse says she believes she is very much like the flowers she helped plant. 

“I think it’s inspiring,” Greathouse says. “It’s right next to the laboratory when you sit there and wait for your appointment time. You have something wonderful to look at.” 

She says she sees how the flowers have an “inspiration” to grow and like them, she too is on a journey of growth. 

Now nine years in remission, Greathouse says she is determined to keep inspiring and growing. 

“It’s an opportunity to experience new things,” says Greathouse. “You have to be thankful for every day that you have. 

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