LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Social media is taking over farms across the state.

Well, that’s if you’re Brooke Bradford. She’s a Rice Rep for Arkansas Rice.

She uses social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook to help educate people about the states top export – rice.

“It’s so important to know about rice and how many people it feeds not only here but around the world,” says Bradford.

The program is the first of its kind and teaches students about rice farming and the importance of the crop.

The students, also called “Rice Reps,” will be involved from April through September with the reps learning about rice farming and the importance of this crop.

At the end of the program students are eligible for scholarship money.

“So I actually gained a lot of followers since I started this journey being an Arkansas rice rep,” says Bradford. “I’ve got a little over 3,000 Instagram followers.”

Bradford says she has received lots of feedback from people not only in Arkansas but from other states.

“I’ve been told by people that I have helped teach them or empower them by my storytelling,” explains Bradford.

She says she hopes more people would get involved and see the importance of keeping the states largest commodity in the forefront of folks mind.

“This program has not only helped me see the value in rice but how hard the farmers work,” Bradford says.

Arkansas’s rice is the state’s top export with the production being valued at nearly $2 billion annually, according to Arkansas Farm Bureau.