WHITE COUNTY, Ark. – A vehicle stolen over two decades ago was found in a White County creek Monday, according to the White County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said that a fisherman notified them of a possible car in Glaise Creek near the Whirl Lake Bridge. A deputy arrived and confirmed to supervisors that the vehicle was in fact on the scene, deputies said.

Officials with the sheriff’s office described that the water level was low, showing the roof of the vehicle. Deputies also noted that the car seemed to have been in the water for some time.

Deputies said that the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was scheduled to start construction in the area Tuesday. The construction would cut off access to the creek, so deputies said they sent out divers beforehand.

After divers were dispatched, deputies said the vehicle was pulled out of the water. After further investigation, records showed that the vehicle, a Ford Ranger, had been reported stolen in White County in 1998.