Delay in COVID-19 results causing people concern

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- As the number of COVID cases are rolling in, that means more people are being tested in the natural state.

Governor Asa Hutchinson has spoken about the delay in test results several times, saying it’s concerning.

“I was scared,” said Amber Adame, waited five days for results.

As hundreds of positive COVID-19 cases pop up every day, the chances of getting exposed seem to be everywhere.

 “I was potentially exposed through a friend and as soon as she told me she was positive I ran to get tested,” said Adame.

Amber Adame said she was afraid the second she found out she was possibly exposed but that feeling didn’t soon go away.

“I was so anxious and freaking out and crying at one point because you never know. I was just wanting to know I was okay,” said Adame.

Due to being back logged, Adame said, after five long days she finally got her negative results.

“I told my son and he ran out the front door and yelled ‘my mom is negative!'” said Adame.

Adame’s story isn’t unique, many people are talking about waiting a week or more for results.

Governor Hutchinson said in a press conference that he’s aware of the issue.

“That’s something that concerns us because we need quick results. That helps us manage the outbreak to control it to isolate people that need to be isolated,” said Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Governor Hutchinson continued to say, his concern is the national surge for the six commercial labs who are processing the tests then sending results back to Arkansas.

He said so far this month the average time from testing to results is 2.5 days.

“I expect probably from what I’m hearing anecdotally that the wait time will probably go up from that as well,” said Governor Hutchinson.

“You have to be patient because it’s not going to come back as quick as you would like it to,” said Adame.

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