Deer becoming a nuisance for LR homeowners, how to save money and save them

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — You’ve probably seen them galloping or even dining near your home.. deer.

They can be a nuisance for some Little Rock homeowners.

Eating away at plants, and sometimes destroying entire tree trunks, says Nicole Nichols an Extension Agent at the University of Arkansas-Division of Agriculture.

She currently is working on a project that is testing several deer repellents that could help homeowners steer deer back into the woods and away from busy roads and urban neighborhoods.

Nichols said that it can potentially save folks money, and deer their lives.

“The plan is to put out a fact sheet throughout the extension service. That homeowner can use, agencies can use to give that recommendation what products are working and what’s not and how long they are working, so that way people are not spending money on something that’s potentially not going to work,” said Nichols.

Nichols’ deer repellent demonstration monitors the behaviors of deer because the number of white-tailed deer living in city limits is growing.

To find out more information call Nichols at 501-340-6650.

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