BENTON, Ark. – A newborn baby was rescued from a Safe Haven Baby Box at a fire station in Benton Tuesday night.

Benton city officials said the alarm sounded on a Safe Haven Baby Box at Fire Station 3 in Benton just before 9:30 p.m. When first responders investigated, they found a baby that was less than a day old placed inside the box.

City officials said the infant was transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital where Department of Human Services officials took custody of the child after he was checked out by medical staff.

Safe Haven Baby Box CEO and founder Monica Kelsey gave her reaction after hearing about the child placed in the box.

“I am so thankful this parent chose a safe option for their child,” Kelsey said. “We may never know the reason they used this baby box, but we do know how much they loved their baby.”

According to Benton Fire Department Chief Russ Evans, the mother traveled from out of state to surrender her baby as the state she was from did not offer baby boxes.

“To the mother, thank you for your decision and for allowing the Benton Fire Department to be a part of your journey,” Evans said. “Please know your child is healthy and stunningly handsome. God bless you!”

“We offer our thoughts and prayers to the mother that made a very brave decision and hope she finds peace and understanding with her actions,” city officials said.

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