Danville child attacked by dog, city dealing with dog problem

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DANVILLE, Ark. — A Danville boy is recovering after a dog attack on Wednesday.

The boy did not suffer serious injuries, and the dog was taken to the city pound to be quarantined after the bite.

People in the area tell Stephanie sharp vicious dogs have been a problem and they have reached out to the city about the issue.

Cell phone video, from a homeowner shows dogs roaming and barking in Danville streets. 

“These dogs have taken over just everywhere you turn. There are a couple that are very aggressive.” said Donna Wells

Donna Wells says she sees it almost daily. She says the dog pack has gotten bigger over the last few months. 

“It started out kind of small but it keeps growing and growing” said Donna Wells.

She says she has reached out to the city asking for the problem to be resolved, most recently, this week, days before a dog attack. 

“Monday morning I went to my city council member complaining again something had to be done or someone was fixing to get hurt and Wednesday night there were two little boys riding their bikes down the street,” said Donna Wells

According to a police report, a large brown dog started chasing the boy on a bike, the dog lunged at him, and he was bitten in the back of the head. The boy was then taken to the hospital. 

“Now that one of the kids got hurt in the neighborhood now all of a sudden they are trying to do something,” Donna Wells

Over the phone, the mayor says ity hall is aware of the dog problem, and are actively working to fix it. he says there is a loose dog ordinance within danville city limits. the mayor says, as for the dog who attacked the boy, the owner was cited and the dog is not allowed back in city limits. 

Others in the city say they see the growing animal issue. 

In the meantime, they say people who walk outside take protection with them, in case they come across the pack.  

The mayor says the city will continue to monitor the dogs and enforce the loose dog ordinance.

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