Cushman water lines may take years to fix

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CUSHMAN, Ark.- More than 500 people in Cushman went without running water for two weeks.

“Water is used in everybody’s daily lives and when you don’t have then you have a crisis,” said Patrick Collins, Lives in Cushman.

Now everyone has running water, but the city is still running into problems with multiple leaks.

Due to the leaks, the city is under a boil order.

“You expect to have water all the time and then it’s just a mental thing because it effects so many things,” said Collins.

Patrick Collins has lived in Cushman for more than 20 years and he said the pipe problems aren’t new. 

“We’ve always heard the horror stories of how bad the system was, but no one’s been able to fix it, or the city hasn’t had the money to fix it,” said Collins.

Newly elected Mayor Brittany Hurley said the city is going street by street trying to find and fix all the leaks.

“The entire infrastructure has been damaged since we saw the freeze, its completely ruined it,” said Brittney Hurley, Cushman Mayor.

Hurley said since it’s an emergency, they aren’t able to warn customers water will be on and off frequently.

According to the city, the entire system will have to be replaced which could take years and millions of dollars.

In the meantime, Collin said they just have to keep going.

“I’ve got a cattle farm and we’ve had to chop ice for cows and everything else, so I mean life still had to continue on,” said Collins.

The mayor said as of right now there is no end in sight for the boil order.

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