SHERWOOD, Ark. – Sylvan Hills High School is mourning the loss of five students after a car accident in Wyoming.

A spokesperson for Pulaski County Special School District announced Monday two were current students at the school, and three were graduates.

The current students were Ava Luplow and Suzy Prime. Former students were Andrea Prime (sister of Suzy), Saloman Correa, and Maggie Franco.

We are now learning from Wyoming Highway Patrol the students were involved in a multi-vehicle collision caused by a driver going the wrong way down the highway.

According to a report from the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the accident happened when a Dodge Ram was driving the wrong way down interstate 80 and collided with a commercial truck and a car.

During the incident, a second commercial truck attempted to avoid the accident by driving into the median, but the truck entered the eastbound lane and collided with the Ford F-150 the students were driving.

In Sherwood, the tragedy is hitting hard for friends and co-workers of the students.

Ava and Suzy both worked at Humble Crumb, right up the street from Sylvan Hills. The owners tell us Maggie also worked there at one point, and her family members currently work there.

“They filled a huge role at Humble Crumb in so many ways,” Betsy Peters, one of the owners at Humble Crumb said.

Ruth Peters is the other owner of Humble Crumb who said their loss brings tremendous grief, however they have hope through one thing: their faith.

“They wanted attention to be brought to God, and I think that’s the goal of this,” she said.

Lydia VanderVate grew up in church with all five of those killed.

“It feels like my heart is broken,” she said. “They all had such bubbly personalities, could get along, always laughing with each other.”

Betsy Peters said she noticed Ava and Suzy have the same bible verse on their Instagram accounts: Romans 8:18.

The verse says, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

“I just couldn’t believe it because that’s what’s happening… God is being glorified through them and that’s what they wanted,” Peters said.

Both Peters women and VanderVate agreed to this interview hoping to share the gospel that is currently carrying them through this time of loss. Ruth said she hopes this story reassures readers and viewers of the character of God and what He has done for them and can do for everyone else, too.

PCSSD spokesperson Jessica Duff provided the following statement:
Early Monday morning, PCSSD learned of the tragic accident involving two current and three former students from Sylvan Hills High. Counseling will be offered to students and staff who need it. Our thoughts are with their families and school community as they grieve the loss of such young lives.

In addition, Ruth Peters said Humble Crumb will likely be closed for the next two weeks as owners and workers grieve these losses and determine how to move forward.