JACKSONVILLE, Ark – A couple’s quick thinking stops a house fire in Jacksonville in its tracks. 

The fire, according to the Jacksonville Fire Department, happened around 9 pm on Dale Street. 

Greg and Katie Mason say they were on their way home from church when they noticed an orange glow above the trees in a neighborhood. 

“I looked up into the trees and I was like man that’s either a really big bonfire or somebody’s house is on fire,” said Greg Mason. 

Mason said he pulled into the neighborhood where the flames were. 

“Their detached garage is just throwing flames,” said Katie Mason. 

“I was like get on the phone, call 911, we got to get these people out of their house,” said Greg Mason. 

Greg and Katie say the family inside was unaware of the fire. They were able to get the family and neighbors out. 

“Structures burn so much faster than they ever did before in the past,” said Jacksonville Fire Marshall Michael Williams. 

Williams says they got the call at the department just in time. 

“It could have quickly spread to another structure and then another structure after,” said Williams. 

Williams says the garage was turned into a living space. After the fire, it was a total loss. 

Our station was not able to talk with the family, but the Mason’s say they are grateful they could lend a hand. 

“In our little apartment complex, we all kind of look out for each other,” said Katie Mason. 

“That’s kind of just engraved in us, that’s who we are.”