Couple Open Doors to Abandoned Dogs

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GRANT COUNTY, Ark — A Central Arkansas couple, who is tired of seeing animals being left behind in their neighborhood, have taken matters into their own hands.

There is no doubt Monroe Wilkerson loves his dogs. He and his wife, Karen, have eleven of them at their grant county home.

They said they found most of their pets abandoned nearby, Duke, 2.

“This one was here dumped out in a cardboard box, duct taped up and he was just a puppy when we got him,” said M. Wilkerson.

Dogs being dumped illegally is a problem the Wilkersons said they have seen in their community more than 40 plus kids.

“If you drive down the road, you will see them dead on the side of the road where people dump them out .. they get run over or shot,” said M. Wilkerson. “It’s kind of upsetting to know they just dump them out and don’t care.”

Just up the road from them, on the way to Gum Springs Cemetery, three dogs lay dead in the grass.

Authorities said they could have died of natural causes or been purposely left behind.

“Makes me sick,” said K. Wilkerson.

But as people push these dogs out, the Wilkersons pull them in.

“We just kind of take them on because they can’t defend for themselves,” said M. Wilkerson.

“It warms my heart, because two of those were dumped and if it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t probably be alive,” said K. Wilkerson.

Gladly turning their country home into a dog safe haven, they sometimes call the ‘Wilkerson Dog Farm.’

“They’re skids, because we treat them just like kids,” said K. Wilkerson. “They’re smart … they have the same personality as a kid does.”

“Felt like we’ve done something … accomplished something,” said M. Wilkerson.

And it’s not just eleven dogs they own, they also have two mules, a horse and a Razorback pig.

They said there is no limit to the number of animals they’d like to add to their family.

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