Copper pipe failure causing thousands of dollars in damage to some Cabot homes

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CABOT, Ark. — A line of leaks has sprung up in Cabot. 

“It was just like a domino effect, one right after the other,” Donna Forinash says.

Since the beginning of the year, about 100 Cabot homes — that are all under Ward water — have reported problems. Most of the homes are off Highway 321 between S. Pine St. and Dogwood Ln. 

Donna and her husband Roger are included. 

“We’re having new carpeting put in, we’re having new flooring put in, we had to pull out some of our cabinets because they got saturated along the wall boards,” Donna says.

They eventually got the whole house re-plumbed. 

Frustration, and $15,000 later, they find themselves at the Ward City Hall for a meeting. 

“Strange about all of these is when they occurred and how many occurred at once,” Teri Faught says.

Faught started the Facebook page: Cabot-Ward Leaks after her own damage was done. 

She called for the meeting on Monday. 

She’s documented the leaks to try to find a pattern and on Monday night brought as many people together to try to find a solution. 

“To date, we don’t have a cause for this,” Faught says.

“We don’t know what’s going on.”

Theories of what’s causing the leaks range from lightning strikes to water pressure, but for Donna who’s now fighting stage 4 cancer, she says she can’t rule out chemicals and won’t drink it until the cause is exposed. 

“It’s not system-wide,” says Ward mayor Charlie Gastineau.

“It seems to be concentrated in these areas. “

“I liked it, but I’m scared to drink it now,” Donna says.

“It might be too late.”

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