Conway woman finds a slithering surprise under her couch

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CONWAY Ark. – Imagine walking into your house and seeing a four-foot snake slithering out from under your couch.

That’s what happened to a Conway woman. Luckily, the perfect person drove by just in time to save the day.

A snake poking his head out from under your sofa is probably not what you want to see when you walk in your house.

“I honestly thought it was a rubber snake,” Kim Guerin said.

That was wishful thinking from Guerin and she soon found out, it was not a rubber snake.

She called a friend who came by but refused to go in the house because she too was terrified of the slithering reptile. Guerin went out to the shed, grabbed a hoe and came back inside.

“Lord you have got to help me because I can’t do this by myself,” Guerin said.

Just as she was mustering up the courage to get the snake out of her house, her prayers were answered.

A Pest Detective truck with owner Alex Sullins had just parked just a few houses down.

“She kept saying ‘snake and girl in room’ and all that stuff so I finally caught on real quick she had a snake in her house,” Sullins said.

Without a second thought he rushed over to help.

“He said ‘ma’am I need you to hand me the hoe and get out of the chair,'” Guerin said.

With his co-worker they closed the door and went to work.

“I said ‘hey man either you pick up the couch and I grab the snake or I pick up the couch and you grab the snake. You make the decision.’ He said ‘you’re grabbing the snake,'” Sullins said.

Just a few minutes later they walked out with the snake in hand. Guerin offered to pay them for their services, but they refused.

“If I can find a way here and there to help people I’m definitely going to,” Sullins said.

Now she just thanks God they drove by when they did.

“That was the quickest answered prayer I’d ever had in my life,” Guerin said.

It was a yellow belly water snake that is not venomous. The Pest Detectives took it out of town to rehome it and give Guerin some peace of mind.

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