CONWAY. Ark. – Conway city officials want to hear from those living in the city about any concerns they have regarding crosswalks, lights or lack thereof.

Conway is partnering with Metro Plan to identify hot spots in the city where people feel unsafe on the road.

“I think pedestrian safety, in particular, is a hot topic right now,” Bobby Kelly with the City of Conway said.

Last week, Conway police reported a pedestrian accident near the University of Central Arkansas.

“In the last second, I looked to my left and there was just a car right there,” Regan Belue said in an interview last week.

Belue was hit by a car last week on Donaghey Ave near UCA. The student was dragged about 40 feet down the road.

“We shouldn’t wait until someone gets injured or potentially killed to maybe put that spot on the map,” Kelly said.

While a sign or lights may not have helped in last week’s incident, the City said it has opened a conversation long overdue.

“Conway has the issues, we’re a growing city, but we want to fix them,” Kelly said.

A new survey launched by Metro Plan is asking people to grab the pens and mark the map, sharing their concerns on pedestrian and driver safety.

On the map, there are already a number of concerns pinned around UCA and the northern part of town.

Others have left comments about crossing traffic and adding bike lanes.

“My suggestion is to find ways to illuminate some of the areas where cyclists and kids are more likely to get off the trail and maybe go back home,’ Kelly said.

In just a day, the survey has gotten over 50 responses and the city hopes this continues, showing Metro Plan safety is at the top of their list.

The public comment period will end in January. At that point, Metro Plan will take the data and discuss which concerns need addressing first.

The survey can be found online at Metro Plan’s website.