CONWAY, Ark. – Conway police are looking for the person accused of breaking into a jewelry store and stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Now the owner is taking extra steps to keep thieves at bay.

Pictures show the moment a person broke into Brooks Fine Jewelry in downtown Conway. In the blink of an eye, they made their way around the store breaking glass and scooping everything they can get into their bag.

“Pretty obvious he knew what he was doing. The outfit that he has on was some type of material that didn’t allow him to cut himself when he was reaching his arms all the way in against that glass,” Store Owner Jeffery Brooks said.

Brooks said Conway Police were there within five minutes, but the thief was already gone.

“He was in and out in a minute and ten seconds,” Brooks said.

In more than a decade of business, this is their first break-in.

“We had gotten lackadaisical. Those days are over,” Brooks said.

He said they already had some tricks up their sleeve in case something like this ever happened, from multiple security cameras to what’s actually inside the displays.

“You may come in here and see a lot of product and it may be a lot of stuff left out, it’s not real. I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall when he figured out just exactly what he got,” Brooks said.

Now, they’ve added bars to the windows.

“It’s all about buying time. There won’t be any easy entry anymore. There won’t be any easy exit,” Brooks said.

When the store is open, all employees will have a gun on their hip.

“All the sales representatives, all the people in the shop, everybody carries.”

Brooks said he hopes this is the first and last burglary at his store, but if not he said he will be ready.

“It was a wake-up call. We’re not going to play anymore,” Brooks said.

If you know who the person is in the pictures call Conway Police.