CONWAY, Ark. — A month after the Conway School District approved two new rules targeting transgender students, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will likely file litigation.

In an email circulated to district staff members, superintendent Dr. Jeff Collum warned staff of a potential lawsuit from the ACLU.

“I want to notify you that recently we received a letter of notice from the ACLU that mentions possible litigation against the school district,” Collum wrote.

Collum asked staff members to save documents related to the new rules.

“Any records or documents related to student overnight trips, bathroom use, transgender students, draft policy 5.5.2, or divisive classroom concepts,” Collum wrote. “If you have any emails, documents, or records pertaining to any of these topics, please archive them so they will not be deleted or send them to Mr. Joel Linn at this time.”

An ACLU spokesperson said Tuesday that the organization does not plan to release a statement at this time.

Last month, the school board passed two measures related to trans students. The first limits bathroom access and requires school trip accommodations to be based on biological sex instead of stated gender. The second banned two books from the school library that included trans students.

Collum sent a statement in response to this story.

“Our attorney and the school board have been notified,” Collum said. “We will seek the district’s legal counsel on future steps.”