CONWAY, Ark – Public transportation is coming to Conway. Tuesday, Rock Region Metro announced its partnership with the city to set up Conway’s first MicroTransit service.

“The demand has just been overwhelming,” said Rock Region Metro Director of Public Engagement Becca Green.

As of now, Conway doesn’t have any public transportation, making things difficult for those who don’t have their own vehicle.

“There are people with mobility issues who need to have a guaranteed, accessible ride to get to appointments, the movies and just anywhere else they go,” said Green.

Green introduced the service to a crowd Wednesday.

She says the service will act the same as a ride-sharing service picking up passengers anywhere within city limits.

“It can go on little neighborhood streets, down residential areas and reach all the points in between,” said Green.

Green says booking a ride can be done by phone or through the company’s mobile app ‘Transloc’. All passengers have to do is open the app, select a pickup and drop-off location and then call the driver.

“Not having your own vehicle and relying on rides or the cab services that we have right now, it’s a lot of wait time,” said Melissa Dyson with Bethlehem House.

Dyson works for Bethlehem House in Conway, helping the homeless community get back on their feet.

Right now, her team volunteers their own time to drive residents from place to place.

“We take them to daycare, we take them to work, doctor’s appointments,” said Dyson.

She’s hoping the new service will alleviate some of the workload and time constraints.

“This will give them an independence that they just have not had to be able to set this up for themselves and go where they want to go on their own terms,” said Dyson.

Green says the service will begin in Conway on October 24.

It will run Monday-Saturday 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. and costs $2 per ride.