CONWAY, Ark. — A kid in Conway got a big surprise for his seventh birthday, but with it came a lesson about humanity.

Our Hilary Hunt showed us how the police made sure a thief didn’t steal Bryan’s joy.

“He surprised me with a new bike and it looks just like my old one.” said Bryan Jeffry, birthday boy.

When detective Tim Gray rolled up to 7-year-old Bryan Jeffry’s birthday party with some shiny new wheels.

“Just his reaction was priceless, there must have been some dust in the air because my eyes watered up a little bit.” said Det. Tim Gray, Conway police.

Detective Gray knew he had to do something, after a casefile involving a stolen bike rolled across his desk last week.

“I thought you know nobody takes a little boy’s bike and I just thought I’m just going to buy him another bicycle,” said Det. Tim Gray, Conway police.

A community member helped him find a perfect match, but it didn’t stop there. There was a parade, and so much more.

“He took a picture with me with a batman mask on.” said Bryan Jeffry, birthday boy.

“When the party was over I literally cried because I was like my son had the greatest birthday party ever,” Carmen Jeffrey, mom.

Bryan’s mom says it came with a lesson, and a friendship that will last a lifetime.

“It just showed him that hey somebody can make your day great by something negative, every negative situation does not always stay negative,” said Carmen Jeffrey, mom.