CONWAY, Ark – Paramedics in Faulkner County say they’re staying busy, attending to more heat-related calls as temperatures climb in Arkansas.

“It’s just one after the other,” said Faulkner County Operations Manager for Pafford Medical Services Jarrod Ritchie.

Ritchie says work picked up a few weeks ago when temperatures started to rise in Central Arkansas. He says it’s likely to stay that way for weeks to follow.

“We average probably 60 calls a day,” said Ritchie.

Ritchie says a good bulk of those calls, are calling about heat exhaustion.

“People come home, they try to mow their grass they try to work on whatever and it’s too hot for them to be outside,” said Ritchie.

Ritchie says his team and crews at the Conway Fire Department are caring for people of all ages, and some of the activities are minimal.

“We’ve ran calls already for people with heat exhaustion in the elderly that are just standing around watching somebody else work,” said Captain Steven Craig at the Conway Fire Department.

Paramedics say temperatures tend to creep up quickly and without realizing, many can experience heat exhaustion.

“Look for nausea, look for vomiting,” said Ritchie. “If the person is just not acting right, bring them inside.”

Ritchie says the most important thing is to remain hydrated.

“If you’re hydrating today for today, you’re behind the curve,” said Ritchie. “I need to hydrate today, yesterday.”

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