Conway neighbors fight to keep 9/11 mural up in downtown

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CONWAY, Ark – A group of people in Conway are fighting to stop a piece of history from being covered up.

A downtown mural that’s been there since 9/11 is now being built over to make way for business offices.

“That’s those kids’ voice. That’s them making a stand,” Conway resident Dilynn Boyd said.

Sunday, Boyd stood in front of the mural, looking for his tile that made up the piece of art. He says he designed a tile back in 2001. Many others did the same to create the mural, paying tribute to those lost in 9/11.

“Everyone came together,” Conway Veterans group founder George Kenner said. “From the little kids, all the way up to the soldiers, even past to the Vietnam Vets.”

Thursday, Keener says he noticed work being done on the old City Hall building and more notably the mural was now partially covered up by steel poles.

“[I thought] surely they’re not doing that,” Keener said.

The building was sold to electric utility company Conway Corp in 2018 with plans to renovate the space into offices and in turn, cover up the mural.

“They saw it as a bunch of kids artwork, that’s not what it’s about it’s about what we went through as a nation and afterward how we responded,” Keener said.

Now Keener is working with a group of veterans and parents to preserve the piece.

“Take those [steel poles] down, frame it, put a piece of glass in it, and display it,” Keener said.

The mural is made from about 500 tiles and can’t be taken down. The group says because of this, their best option is to come together a fight to keep it up.

They hope that the mural stands tall so more like Dilynn Boyd can find their spot in a piece of history.

Our station reached out to the City of Conway who said the project is out of its hands and all questions and concerns should be derived to Conway Corp.

Our station has not heard back from the utility company.

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