LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Conway man FBI agents say beat a police officer during the U.S. Capitol riots will be held without bond.

Peter Stager is being accused of beating a police officer during the U.S. Capitol riots.

U.S. Attorneys showed that video of Stager holding a flag pole. They say he beat a Washington D.C. Metropolitan police officer while the officer was face down on the steps of the capitol. 

They also revealed a new video that attorneys say show Stager calling for the death of capitol police officers. 

The defense argued the video may have been edited. 

“We represented him zealously, and we did what we could with what we have today. The judge has made his decision after a good bit of thought and we respect and accept the court’s decision,” said Frank Shaw, Peter Stager’s attorney.

The U.S. judge said that the decision came because they thought that Stager may be a risk to the community.