CONWAY, Ark – Players are back on the field in Conway just a week after shots rang out at Don Owen Sports Complex.

Parents said although hesitant, there is peace of mind knowing a new officer overtime program will keep bases covered.

“After you get past the ‘is everyone ok?’ then you start thinking about ‘well what do we need to do,’” Conway Mayor Bart Castleberry said.

City leaders have been ironing out the final details of an overtime program for the Conway Police Department. It would position at least one officer at each sports complex in Conway.

Conway PD said it will work on a volunteer basis and if no one signs up, the department will increase regular patrol in that area during games.

The program is expected to cost $120,000 to cover the rest of the year. The money will come from the city’s general fund.

“I want people to be able to come to our parks, enjoy being out with their families or at our indoor facilities and feeling safe, they shouldn’t have to look over their shoulder and wonder what’s transpiring around them,” Castleberry said.

Castleberry said there is a nationwide shortage of police officers and in this case, it’s better to add more hours than to try and hire new employees.

“By bringing people in and paying them that overtime our other officers that are working the streets can continue their job and keep the public safe,” Castleberry said.

T-ball games pick up again Tuesday. Parents say it’s difficult to forget the memories of the past.

“I hate that maybe that night was a lot of kids’ first introduction into gunfire,” Bobby Kelly said.

Kelly is the public information officer with the city, but last Tuesday he was just dad, coaching his daughter’s t-ball game.

Kelly said he and his family were just leaving the complex when they heard shots ring out.

“We were within earshot and eyesight of these guys doing what they did,” Kelly said.

A week later, Kelly is back at the complex. While he said it’s hard, he knows the city has bases covered.

“I don’t think it’s possible to completely erase that from your memory, but it is nice to know that if that kind of thing were to happen again the police response would be swift and there would be someone out there literally within a stone’s throw,” Kelly said.

The overtime program will continue throughout the year.