CONWAY, Ark – Another week of hot and dry conditions has firefighters in Conway on edge.

Firefighters say now is not the time for the public to be careless when it comes to fire safety.

“Everything’s dry. Everything is ready to burn,” said Assistant Fire Marshall for Conway FD Jay Mattox.

Friday at 5:30 a.m. crews in Conway headed out on another grass fire call, their fourth one in the last week.

“It seems like our guys are running around all the time right now,” said Mattox.

The call came from a neighborhood just north of city limits. By the time Conway FD got there, crews say it had burned about an acre.

“The humidity plays a part in it too and then the heat outside affects us and our ability, the hotter it is, the harder it is for us to work,” said Conway FD Engineer Alden Deloach.

Faulkner County is one of many counties in the state currently under a burn ban.

“Anything from a cigarette bud to a trailer hauling down the interstate with a safety chain, can spark and start a grass fire,” said Mattox.

Mattox also says Conway residents should put away fireworks left over from the Fourth of July.

According to Conway Police records, officers have been out on 15 firework discharge calls since the burn ban went into effect.

Mattox is encouraging Conway residents to remain cautious, reminding folks in current conditions some of the smallest things can cause big problems for fire crews.

“If you accidentally start a fire try and get it out as quick as possible, or call the fire department so it doesn’t spread to a bigger incident and do more damage than it needs to,” said Deloach.