CONWAY, Ark- The search continues for a missing teenager in Conway.

Tanvi Marupally is just days away from her 15th birthday and her family is hoping that this year, she can spend it in their arms.

“We remain hopeful, but it is devastating,” Marupally family friend Traci Lucas said. “You know every hour of every day we hope this is the hour.”

Friday, March 24th will be 65 days since Tanvi went missing. It will also be her birthday. Family said they hoped she would be home by that day.

“I think when you get to the end of your gas tank, you just have to dig down deep further,” Lucas said. “Put yourself in four-wheel drive and just keep trucking.”

In every window and down every street, photos of Tanvi serve as a reminder that the city hasn’t given up.

“There is a level of gratefulness that you can’t put into words,” Lucas said. “So many strangers that are just out there [searching].”

“I just keep thinking I’m going to see her, we just going to see her,” Loren Brooks, who is helping in the search, said.

The community stands together hoping the flame won’t burn out on this birthday wish.

“It’s a needle in the haystack but you just have to have hope,” Lucas said.

The community will host a birthday celebration for Tanvi on Sunday at the Faulkner County Library at 2 p.m. Everyone is welcome.