CENTRAL ARKANSAS – Conversations electrified on social media Tuesday morning after a meteor soared across the sky in central Arkansas.

“My dad actually joked, he said ‘Are you sure it was a meteor and not something from China?’” Conway resident Winston Rogers said.

If you blink, you would have missed it, but luckily, it’s all on camera.

“Oh my goodness, are you kidding me? This is like a once in a lifetime event for me,” Benton resident Todd Anderson said.

Anderson and Rogers were two of the lucky ones who captured video of their own.

Both Astronomy lovers, they now have their own piece of history, a meteor in Central Arkansas.

“That didn’t really even enter my mind. I was just trying to catch a weather event like some lightning,” Anderson said.

Anderson said he had originally positioned one of his home security cameras to the sky in hopes he would catch weather forecasted for later this week.

When posts started rolling in Monday, he said his eyes lit up, just like the night sky.

“To be in that one particular spot that it came through, what are the chances?” Anderson said.

“When these types of things happen, it catches people off guard because it’s not something you see every day,” Rogers said.

The American Meteor Society said it recorded sightings in nine different states.

Whether you saw it in person, recorded a video in between the stars, or through the reflection of a window, the bright light had people stopping and starring at the night sky.

“Who knows? I’ll probably never get to see this again,” Anderson said.