ALEXANDER, Ark. – A central Arkansas family is trying to start a new chapter in a story that has left them heartbroken for years. Like many families, the Powell’s are struggling with infertility.

Instead of keeping their story to themselves, they’re sharing it with others, hoping it can change the narrative from tragedy to joy. Laughter during a hard season for the Powell family.

“It’s definitely an emotional experience, it’s kind of a roller-coaster,” Lizzy Powell said.

According to Powell, they have struggled with infertility for four years now.

“It’s insane how many people and how common infertility is,” Powell said.

According to the CDC, one in five women are not able to get pregnant after one year of trying. One in four women in that group have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term.

Although, one Facebook post gave the Powell’s hope for the future.

“It’s amazing, it’s definitely insane,” Powell said.

In the post, they explain their journey and the financial burden of adoption and In vitro fertilization.

From one comment to more than one hundred, their community is one by one adding a piece to their puzzle.

“People who have lost children or lost pregnancies, even donating the day the month they had their baby or their miracle babies,” Powell said.

Powell said she was adopted at birth and would love to provide another child like her a home.

“It has a soft spot on my heart, and I have always wanted to,” Powell said.

They said when they finish their puzzle, it will be framed in the nursery for their new baby.