LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock’s top spokesperson said the mayor was not notified about a prior police pursuit with a vehicle before it crashed, killing a teenager.

The police chase and deadly crash happened in March of 2021. While the public was notified about the wreck, police never disclosed the pursuit that happened shortly before.

Police acknowledged the pursuit for the first time last week after internal affairs documents were released.

Authorities said officers were chasing an SUV being driven by a 12-year-old girl who had just taken off in her parent’s vehicle. A 14-year-old passenger was killed after it crashed into a tree in Saline County.

Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. did not answer any questions Tuesday related to the 2021 pursuit.

Aaron Sadler, the mayor’s spokesman later said his boss was not aware of Little Rock officers following the SUV before it crashed into a tree.

Last week, Scott ordered an internal review to determine if LRPD deliberately withheld information.

“There’s an internal investigation. Chief Bewley is handling that. As soon as it’s complete, it will be reported back,” Scott told city directors Tuesday night.

There’s no timeline of when the investigation will be complete.

The officer that was following the kids resigned.